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HealthDay Wellness Library

HealthDay Wellness Library

Wellness Reference Materials Increase Your Website鈥檚 I.Q.

Engage and retain visitors to your website with comprehensive "reference" information on a host of medical conditions. HealthDay, along with LimeHealth, offers 1,500 pieces of original health and wellness content, featuring informative articles, special reports and first-person essays that are practical, engaging 聽and reader-friendly. Use them in your newsletters or brochures, on your websites or Intranets, as payroll stuffers, and for all your health and wellness campaigns.

What鈥檚 Inside the Wellness Library?

  •   Step-by-step guides to diseases and conditions, ranging from how a baby
      develops and grows to how to care for a person as Alzheimer's progresses
  •   Disease and condition management and the latest treatments
  •   When to seek medical care
  •   Prevention tips and self-care instructions
  •   Questions to ask your physician
  •   Quizzes to test your knowledge of diseases and conditions
  •   A section on financial wellness, brought to you by

Wellness Library Topic Centers (42)

Asthma and Allergies
Baby and Child Care
Back Care
Breast Cancer
Children's Health
Dental Health
Digestive Health
Diseases and Conditions
Drug Center
Emotional Health
Exercise and Fitness
Financial Health (From
First Aid and Emergencies
Food and Nutrition
Heart Health
Hepatitis C
High Blood Pressure
Holistic Medicine
Infectious Diseases
Liver Health
Men's Health
Pain Management
Patient Safety
Prostate Health
Sexual Health and Relationships
Smoking and Tobacco Cessation
Stress Management
Substance Abuse
Weight Control
Women's Health
Work and Health

Wellness Library Benefits

Wellness Library for Managed Care and Employers (Corporate Intranets)
Helps managed care organizations in their efforts to encourage members to take charge of their health and make better health care decisions.

Wellness Library for Hospitals
Helps hospitals educate patients and assist them in understanding when to seek care. The health library also assists in condition management and reinforcing treatment adherence.

Wellness Library for Media Web Sites and Health Portals
Media and Health portals can feature these "centers" as an additional source for disease/condition health management information—adding value to the website. Patients can print out this information and review it with a physician or healthcare provider.

How Does It Work?

  •   HealthDay鈥檚 Wellness Library is available in its entirety or by subject or group of
  •   Each library article is "topic flagged," which allows these articles to instantly
      populate a web page or website channel.
  •   Topic flags also provide the most relevant search results for your visitors.

Trustworthy Wellness Content

    •   Content developed by medical writers, editors, and physicians, many the
        recipients of dozens of national awards.
    •   All content medically reviewed and updated annually.

Last Updated: March 15, 2016

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