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HealthDay Advertising Policy

HealthDay Advertising Policy

HealthDay's advertising, in the form of non-intrusive banner ads on certain websites, is managed by a third-party organization under HealthDay's direction. HealthDay assumes full responsibility for the appearance and content of its advertising, including the inclusion or exclusion of any particular advertisement or advertiser. The editors at HealthDay do not know in advance who these advertisers are, as the ad process is independent of content creation.

HealthDay reserves the right to change some or all of its advertising policy at any time by posting updated policy notices in this space.

All banner advertising on the HealthDay web site includes prominent text that specifically identifies each advertisement as such.

Acceptance of an advertisement on HealthDay's websites in no way is meant to imply HealthDay's endorsement of any product, service or advertising entity.

HealthDay, at its sole discretion, will not accept any advertising of:

  1. Questionable factual accuracy or of poor taste.
  2. Illegal, misleading, objectionable or potentially fraudulent products or services.
  3. Alcohol, illicit drug use, tobacco, pornography, weapons or ammunition, or gambling.
  4. A product or service directed at a children under age 13.
  5. A product or service in a way that appears to represent an emergency or breaking news.
  6. A product or service in a way that appears to mock, discredit or discriminate against any person or persons on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, political viewpoint or marital status.
  7. Products or services that purport to represent unsubstantiated medical cures or remedies.
  8. Products or services that misleadingly represent computer functions, enticing the reader to click on an ad.
  9. Products or services that require user registration, unless such products or services are specifically sanctioned by HealthDay.

Last Updated: March 15, 2016

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