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HealthDay TV gives viewers a daily video update on the most important health news of the day. Five times per week, HealthDay TV produces a 60-second health video, which is licensed to a variety of customers for display on their websites.

The daily video report is based on the latest news published in major medical journals and new research presented at medical conferences. Each health segment covers an important medical topic taken right out of the headlines.

HealthDay TV is designed to use medical research findings—often published in medical journals—and translate highly technical language into a concise and compelling report for consumers. The benefit of this daily video is to add to the public's understanding of major medical findings and how these findings can benefit consumers.

Take advantage of HealthDay TV on its own or as a complement to our health news service.

Benefits of HealthDay TV

Enhance your website with help from HealthDay's TV’s video service. You'll engage your site's visitors with compelling, easy-to-understand health information and keep them coming back for more.

  bullet Receive a variety of health videos delivered to your website.
  bullet A 12-month archive of 250 most recent videos topic-flagged across 850 condition areas.
  bullet Generate more Web traffic and longer visits.
  bullet Create a dynamic experience for your visitors.
  bullet HealthDay TV video has a matching article - both posted on the same day (4-5 times/week). You can display both video and article on the same web page. For an example click here.
  bullet Clients can customize HealthDay TV with pre-roll advertisements.

Connect with your visitors by providing them with health news videos covering many timely health-related topics including:

  bullet Diet & fitness
  bullet Women's health
  bullet Men's health
  bullet Seniors' health
  bullet Kids' health
  bullet Alternative medicine
  bullet Cancer
  bullet Heart disease
  bullet Allergies & asthma
  bullet Sex and relationships
  bullet ….and many more

HealthDay TV is featured in more than 50,000 physician office waiting rooms and on more than 200 television stations.

Last Updated: June 25, 2018

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